Year In Review: 2016

2016 has come and gone and with it my sense of displacement as I spent the year nestling back into the city I consider synonymous with home. I applied the patchwork of nostalgia in my choice to move back to the Logan Square neighborhood, and seemingly encountered a train that has not stopped steamrolling since I left it in 2014. This place has not felt more or less like my own.


It is April in Chicago. Sunlight has taken the opportunity to remind me that it has the capacity to bring warmth. I have been back living in the city for close to three months now and the vibrancy of urban life is now amplified ten-fold thanks to above-freezing temperatures. A few months back, I was asked to give a talk by the wonderful Sarah Drasner at the Trulia San Francisco CodePen meetup a few weeks ago. Having done that, and in the spirit of the freshness with which I am greeted on April mornings, I decided I would write about why I spoke about two things I love — CodePen and Community.

Year In Review: 2015

My narrative arc for 2015 was fit for a Focus Features indie film. I had recently moved back to the Midwest suburb I grew up in, bending some ties with the tech-soaked bonanza that is the sweat-stained city of Chicago. I had replaced nightlife with family, coffee shops with pajamas, and brimmed with unyielding consistency rather than the potent excitement of urban enthusiasm.